Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Upcoming Events

There are many wonderful performing arts events coming up.  Here's what I've found.

The Nutcracker  Dec 12-14
Lord of the Dance  Dec 18  **Sold out**

A Christmas Carol  Dec. 10-13
Gospel Jubilee  Dec 14, 21, 28
A Centre Stage Christmas Dec 19
The Christmas Show   Dec 20

Michael W. Smith   Dec 14

Walking with Dinosaurs Jan 7, 9-11 2009

No, You Shut Up  Dec. 10-13, 17-20

Best Christmas Pageant Ever Dec. 19 & 20


Kaylynn said...

Hey just a heads up = as of right now we are for sure coming up for Thanksgiving. What does your schedule look like for Friday or Saturday. I have to see you while I'm there. Let me know. Thanks. (and getting together with me is FREE)

Cathy said...

Don't forget about Glenn Beck :) I myself am a big fan (I'm thinking you're not?) I wish I could go, but can't justify the cost this year. Here is the link:

Kaylynn said...

Oh Amanda - if you haven't seen the forgotten carols it is wonderful. Kyle and I went quite a few years ago when it was here and it seriously was one of our favorite dates ever. It really puts you in the Christmas season. OK that's my plug. It almost makes me want to come a week early for Thanksgiving so I can see it again. I'm done now.

Amanda said...

Kaylynn, my mom does her Thanksgiving on Friday so Saturday would work best for me. I am so excited you are coming. It has been too long! What should we do? I know this cool blog where we could try and figure it out.

Amanda said...

Cathy, whoops, I accidently forgot Glenn Beck. Really I didn't do it on purpose. Thanks for sharing that link.

I'm not a huge talk radio listener and from what I've seen from Glenn Beck there have been things I've really liked (like when he talked about the death of Pres. H) and some things I really did not like at all. Since we disagree politically, you are probably right that I would not be a big fan.

Camille said...

I'm going to Glenn Beck. :) Some of my young women are in the Christmas Carol so I might try and make it to that one, but money is tight for us too.

Cathy said...

Did you see Glenn Beck will be in Theaters with his Christmas Sweater on December 17th (my 14th anniversary) - tickets are $20 for this one. $15 less than the cheapest tickets for the live show. Hoping I can talk my hubby into seeing it!

By the way - Glenn Becks book is #1 on NY Times Best Seller list. He beat Steven Kings newest novel debut. A first! Go Glenn!