Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yay, it's Spring Break, time to break out the bad weather

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like we always have bad weather during spring break. Either it's warm the week before (remember last Friday? a perfect day) or warm the week after, but during the week of spring break the weather is seldom ideal for outside activities. That's okay. Kick the kids outside anyway, it's good for them.

If you are a wimp about the weather, let's talk about some indoor activities. I have some links listed under indoor activities that might interest you. Today I would recommend Boondocks. Although they are not called Boondocks anymore. The name isn't an improvement if you ask me. Even my kids think it's silly. The new owners are calling it Wahooz. Probably because they needed a dot com name or something. Isn't that how business names are created these days? Anyway, check out the Wahooz website and you'll see that they are running a special today and all this week for spring break. Today is 12 Buck Tuesday. Usually this special runs every Tuesday after 4 pm, but today they are extending it so you get the entire day for 12 Bucks. Not that you would want to hang there all day though. For 12 Bucks you can get unlimited use of miniature golf, laser tag, and kiddie kove. The video arcade and go karts are not included. The special that is running all week is a discount off the unlimited fun pass. If you bring in a can of food for the Idaho Food Bank you'll receive $5 off the adult pass and $3 off the junior pass. See this link to Wahooz website for details.

On the right, I have links to more indoor activities and local libraries and bookstores. Check out their websites for information on what they are doing for spring break. (I would recommend any of those, except for Planet Kid. They are insanely busy during spring break because the Wings Center brings their kids into Planet Kid every 30 minutes or so. So beware of crowds if you choose to visit Planet Kid this week.)

Also on the right, I have links to outdoor activities and local parks. We are going to the MK Nature Center and Municipal Park this week. Then we are having an indoor baby sale at our house on Friday and Saturday. I have mounds of clothes and toys and I need to sort and price before Friday.


Kraxpelax said...
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Nadine said...

I happened upon this blog in search of fun things to do while I will be in Boise on business in June. I have four children, an 8 year old girl, two preschool boys and an 18 month girl. I live in Toledo, but am a single mother so I have to bring my children with me. Can you offer any recommendations for something all FOUR children will enjoy? And also, kid-friendly restaurants? I will have my nanny with me also, so if you could offer any recommendations for kid friendly/adult tolerable destinations, that would be super!
Thank you.

Amanda said...

Hi Nadine,
I'm happy to hear that you're coming to Idaho on business and that your children and nanny are coming with you. There are many things that are kid friendly and adult tolerable. I try and seek those things out for my own sanity. One thing I would suggest is Roaring Springs Waterpark. They have a wave pool that the eight year old girl and preschool boys and 18 month old girl can all enjoy at the same time. There's also a kiddie pool with three little slides for the boys. It starts getting crowded in the afternoon so I would suggest getting there right when they open at 11 am. They won't let you bring food in. Just water bottles.

Amanda said...

Another fun thing I would recommend would be the MK Nature Center, Greenbelt, and Municipal Park. They are all located close to each other. You can play at the park, walk into the outdoor nature center, and then walk along the Greenbelt for a while. There are places along the river bank to wade into the water. I would recommend a stroller. You can borrow mine that week if you'd like.

Amanda said...

Also, depending on where you are staying while you are here there are some great parks that are fun to visit. Ones I'd recommend:
Ann Morrison Park (Boise)
Camel's Back Park (there's a large hill that the boys might have fun hiking up) (Boise)
Guerber Park (Eagle)
Merrill Park (Eagle)
Settlers Park (Eagle)

If you look at the links to the right of the blog, you can find more about these parks under "Links to Local Parks." I have them separated by city.

Amanda said...

Also, our city zoo isn't the best, but it's not the worst either. It's very kid friendly. We have a bear, giraffes, lions, tigers, monkeys, penguins, etc. It's located near lots of things so I would suggest going to the zoo, then walking through the rose gardens in the adjacent park, walking along the Greenbelt (a difference section than the one by the nature center) stopping by the Human Rights Memorial and then walking back to your car.

Amanda said...

Wahooz is pretty fun. There is a play structure for the preschools and 18 month old. There's also coin operated games that spit out tickets that buy prizes. There's also mini golf and go carts but there is a minimum height requirement for the go carts. The preschoolers would have to ride with an adult.

Amanda said...

If you want me to give you more info Nadine, I would be more than happy to. Just email me at amanda olsen at yahoo dot com and I'll give you more ideas or answer any questions that you have. Also, you're free to borrow my stroller. I have an extra one. :)

Nadine said...

Hello Amanda,
Thanks for all the great suggestions! I looked online and it just so happens that the hotel I am staying in is located right next to the waterpark. Also, i researched Wahooz and noticed they have a $12 Tuesday special. Do you suppose that will still be going on in June? Luckily I will be free on the Tuesday I will be in Boise. Great Suggestions and I look forward to our trip!

Amanda said...

You are in a great location then. You are right off the freeway, so it's easy to get most places. Downtown Boise is about a 15 minute drive and that's where you'll find the Greenbelt, Zoo, and some other great parks. The closest park to where you're staying is Bear Creek park. It's one minute away and has a playground. You'll find it under the links to local parks for Meridian.

The easy freeway access can also get you to movie theatres, shopping, and the mall.

I don't know for sure, but I think they will have the Tuesday special at Wahooz. They did it during Spring Break at least. I'll find out and let you know.

Also, there is a JBs right by where you are staying (you can walk to it) and they have a really good breakfast buffet. Kids four and under eat the buffet for FREE everyday. I love their blueberry pancakes.

PS I live one minute from where you are staying. How weird is that?

Oh, I almost forgot to mention kid friendly restaurants. You're located by tons of fast food. McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy's Taco Time, Blimpie, Subway, and Panda Express. About 8 minutes away off Eagle Rd, you'll find Baja Fresh, Red Robin (great kids menu and balloons), and a Carl's Jr that has an awesome play structure, and other sit down restaurants. The best restaurant for families is probably Red Robin or Chuck a Rama Buffet. Chuck A Rama is about 10 minutes away. Olive Garden is good too.

Amanda said...

One more thing. since you mentioned that Tuesday you are available to be with the kids, I would definitely recommend going to Wahooz and Roaring Springs that day. That way you can help your nanny because those places get crowded and there's lots to do for the different ages. I go to Roaring Springs with my husband and he'll take our 8 year old on a ride and I'll watch the younger kids in the wave pool. Or at Wahooz, he'll play games with her and I'll watch the younger kids play in the play structure. It's just easier that way.

Nadine said...

all of those ideas sound fantastic! I will have to thank my nanny for the hotel choice, I left it up to her, I suppose she was thinking of the children.