Friday, June 18, 2010

Our plans for this summer

Are you wondering what to do this summer with your kids?  Boy, I am.  My kids are ages 10, 5, and two-and-a-half.  It gets a little tricky trying to figure out something to do that would please them all.  Taking them to the movies doesn't work.  There's no way the two-year-old can sit through a movie, and even if she could, I wouldn't want her watching the same movies as her 10 year old sister.

I found that hiking and day trips work best for my kids.  I just have to make sure I've planned well in advance and I've packed plenty of healthy snacks.  Besides hiking and day trips, my kids also love going to different city parks, swimming, and having friends over to play.  Unfortunately for them, I am not the crafty-type, so we don't stay at home making crafts.  I'm also not into chores, so we don't stay home and work either.  (Sorry to disappoint you, Mom).  We play it up in the summer because that's what summer is all about.  Our summer = no schedule.  And we like it that way.

We're not completely unorganized though.  As soon as school gets out, we get out a big piece of poster board and write down all the fun things we want to do and see during the summer.  We tape it to the wall and mark off each thing as we do it.  We've done this every summer for the last three years.  It helps us remember what we want to do and helps us see what we've done.

Here's what's on our list so far for this summer
Roaring Springs
Play with BFFs
Swim @ Grandma's
Washington! (the girl and I and our good friends are going to Lilith Fair at the Gorge)
Race go-carts at Wahooz
Oregon Trail Interpretive Center, Baker City, Ore
Four Rivers Cultural Center, Ontario, Ore
Go on a train ride, Mountain Home
Meridian Dairy Days
Ponderosa State Park, McCall (we're going there for a family reunion in August)
MK Nature Center
Idaho Botanical Gardens
Boise Art Museum
Discovery Center
See a show at Starlight Mountain Theater, Garden Valley
Meridian bookmobile
Boise Farmer's Market
Eagle pop ups and snowshack
Deer Flat Nature Trail
Black Canyon Beach, Emmett
Sandy Point Beach
Boise Zoo
Parma Drive In, Parma
Go to the mall
Monkey Bizness
hike Table Rock again
Camel's Back Park
Hyde Park
Boise Depot

Things to do at the house
puppet show
collect rocks
nature walk
collect leaves
scavenger hunt
make an obstacle course
create a skit and video tape it
swim in our pool
play in the sprinklers


mejaka said...

Thanks for the motivation and ideas--we got a start on our summer list. We're doing some regular things and having one adventurous outing every week. DGBII is going to be our primary resource. :^ )

Amanda said...

Thanks Mejaka. I would love to know how your adventurous outings go each week. And if you have any more ideas, please share. :)