Monday, July 19, 2010

Wanna coupon for Monkey Bizness?

Thanks to my newest friend and blog reader, Janna, for passing along this great tip.  Today and tomorrow Groupons Boise is selling a discounted coupon for Monkey Bizness.  They are offering five passes for $20.00.  Each pass is worth 7.50 so I saved $17.00 by buying them today through Groupon.  The coupon is good for one year but all passes must be used at the same time.  Since I have three kids and five passes, it will be a great chance for two of the kids to invite a friend to come with us.  As soon as we go to Monkey Bizness we'll take some pictures and let you know what we think of it.  So far I've heard good things about it.

Check out this link to Groupons if you are interested in this great deal.

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