Friday, June 1, 2012

Make a list of fun things to do this summer

Every summer our family makes a list of things we want to do before we have to head back to school in September.  A few weeks ago I shared that list with you and we've been busy trying to squeeze everything in.  I encourage you to make your own to-list with your family this summer.  To help you get started I'm going to throw out a few suggestions.  (These are my own ideas so don't laugh if you think they are funny or sigh if they sound boring.  They're only suggestions and I was at church while I thought of them.  My mind seems to be at its most creative when I'm supposed to be paying attention to something else.  Now where did I put that church program where I have all my ideas written down?)    

1.  Float the river
2.  Go to a movie
3.  Go geocaching, visit to learn how
4.  Paint pottery at Ceramica
5.  Bead at Need to Bead
6.  Take the kids to a class at Lowe's or Home Depot on a Saturday morning'
7.  Go to Wahooz Fun Zone
8.  Go to Roaring Springs Waterpark
9.  Go to the MK Nature Center
10.  Go to the Boise Depot--check their website for days they're open, I think it's only Sundays and Mondays after 12:30pm 
11.  Hike around Hull's Gulch in Boise
12.  Hike around Table Rock in Boise
13.  Hike around 
14.  Check out Hyde Park
15.  Check out Bown Crossing
16.  Picnic and play at any city park, see your city website for park info
17.  Chill at Sandy Point Beach, don't forget the inflatable raft
18.  Cool down at Eagle Island (although I've personally never been there, I know, weird, huh)
19.  Take a swim at Black Canyon Beach
20.  Swim at the Natatorium and slide down the hydrotube
21.  Swim at any city pool
22.  Rock climb, workout, swim at your local YMCA
23.  Rock climb at Boise Peak Fitness
24.  Walk or ride bikes on the Greenbelt
25.  See the animals at Zoo Boise
26.  Ride the paddle boats in Julia Davis Park
27.  And while you're there smell the roses in the Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park 
28.  Then head over to the Boise Art Museum
29.  Cross the street to the Idaho Historical Museum
30.  Check out a book from the Library!
31.  Get on the Boise Trolley Tour 
32.  Learn more from the Human Rights Memorial
33.  Go to the Black History Museum
34.  Dare step foot into the Idaho State Penitentiary 
35.  Learn stuff at the Idaho Geological Society

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