Monday, August 3, 2009

Hello Hyde Park

Don't be intimidated by Hyde Park. Just because it's really historic and awesome and trendy and North Boiseish, doesn't mean you aren't cool enough to walk down the streets and peek in the shops.
That's exactly what we did after our hike to Hulls Gulch. We parked our minivan right there on the street, opened the door, and jumped out.

This shop Ten Thousand Villages looked super inviting so we walked in. I wasn't sure how the lady would react to seeing three little kids, but she was very friendly and pointed to the things the kids could touch. She told us that they are a non-profit fair trade store run mostly by volunteers. They sell handmade items such as jewelry, home decor and accessories, and musical instruments to help villages and developing countries. We saw some really unique hand bags and coin purses and necklaces. They have recently changed their name from Ten Thousand Villages to Dunia Marketplace.

Here are some more things you will see if you visit Hyde Park.

Antique Shops

An art gallery and a bookshop.
Places to eat indoors and out.
A snowshack.
And a place where you can go to find all kinds of Goody's.

Just like we did.

We highly recommend Hyde Park. ****Four out of four stars. Don't forget your money.

Hiking Hulls Gulch

It was time for another adventure so we packed our backpack and headed for Hulls Gulch. The two youngest kiddos pooped out half way up the mountain on our last hike so we looked for something a bit easier. The Ridge to Rivers website suggested the Pond Loop as a family friendly hike so we decided to give it a go. We drove to Camelsback Park and parked in the parking lot and then walked past the tennis courts to this sign.

This was a great hike because it didn't have any steep parts.

And it was well marked so we knew where to go.

It also had occasional shade and this foot bridge which was cool.

One of the best parts of our hike was seeing a dead lizard, a dead beetle, and this live squirrel.

****Four out of four stars. The Pond Loop at Hull's Gulch is perfect for young kids because it's fairly short, has some shady parts, and isn't steep. If you have older kids there are plenty of other more difficult trails. Just take a different path.

What to know before you go: Take plenty of water, sunscreen, shoes, etc. This hike took us about 40 minutes but my kids are very, very slow. Park in the Camelsback Park parking lot and walk east past the tennis courts and you'll see the trail head. Afterward, have a picnic at the park, or head to Hyde Park and grab a shaved ice from the Snow Shack or an icecream from Goody's. Have fun!