Friday, August 20, 2010

Hee Haw'n at the Western Idaho Fair

The Western Idaho Fair is a great place to see lots of farm animals.  
And if you're used to that sort of thing you might enjoy yourself.   However, for some of us, (especially us who live in the suburbs miles from the smells of nature) we may not fully appreciate the barns full of goats, sheep, pigs, horses, llamas, donkeys, straw, feed, and manure.  We may, however, enjoy looking at the rabbits, chickens, roosters, chicks, doves, and ducklings, as long as they're far enough away from the barns full of smellier animals.  This was our experience last year at the Western Idaho Fair as the boy held onto his nose like this the entire time.   It wouldn't have been a big deal (I personally thought it was cute and couldn't help but smiling every time I looked down at him) had my cowboy-father-in-law not paid for our admittance and anticipated showing his grandkids all the farm animals.  He didn't say anything but I was embarrassed that my kid, his grandson, was not only plugging his nose but asking over and over when he could go home.  We aren't much for fair rides since you have to wait in line in the hot sun and it costs a ridiculous amount of money and it's really not that fun anyway.  I'm not much for fair food since it's loaded with trans fats and laden with chemicals so basically we just look at the animals.  
Aren't they cute?  The girl took all those pictures with her camera.
Carnival.  If you want to take your family to the carnival, I recommend going on KTVB Family Day which is Monday, August 23.  It's the best deal for the money ($25 for a wrist band good for admission and carnival rides all day per person) and it's the only day that no smoking is allowed and no alcohol is served.  But beware----it's very crowded.  
Ground Acts including Lego Experience Tour, Days of the Dinosaur, Aussie Kingdom, Ham Bone Racing Pigs, hypnotists, and more.
New this year--DemoStation.  Activites, classes, contests etc.  Ceramics, baking, photography, bee keeping, floral bingo, you get the idea. 
Concerts--There are five free-with-fair-admission concerts including The Doobie Brothers, Uncle Kracker, Luke Bryan, .38 Special, Clint Black, and Kevin Rudolf.  
August 20 - 29th, 2010 at the Western Idaho Fairgrounds 
Remember to wear close-toed shoes and pack sunscreen, water, stroller, hand sanitizer, camera, and cash.  They will check your bags at the door so leave your rifle at home.  Cowboy hat is okay.   Have fun!