Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yay, it's Spring Break, time to break out the bad weather

I don't know if it's just me, but it seems like we always have bad weather during spring break. Either it's warm the week before (remember last Friday? a perfect day) or warm the week after, but during the week of spring break the weather is seldom ideal for outside activities. That's okay. Kick the kids outside anyway, it's good for them.

If you are a wimp about the weather, let's talk about some indoor activities. I have some links listed under indoor activities that might interest you. Today I would recommend Boondocks. Although they are not called Boondocks anymore. The name isn't an improvement if you ask me. Even my kids think it's silly. The new owners are calling it Wahooz. Probably because they needed a dot com name or something. Isn't that how business names are created these days? Anyway, check out the Wahooz website and you'll see that they are running a special today and all this week for spring break. Today is 12 Buck Tuesday. Usually this special runs every Tuesday after 4 pm, but today they are extending it so you get the entire day for 12 Bucks. Not that you would want to hang there all day though. For 12 Bucks you can get unlimited use of miniature golf, laser tag, and kiddie kove. The video arcade and go karts are not included. The special that is running all week is a discount off the unlimited fun pass. If you bring in a can of food for the Idaho Food Bank you'll receive $5 off the adult pass and $3 off the junior pass. See this link to Wahooz website for details.

On the right, I have links to more indoor activities and local libraries and bookstores. Check out their websites for information on what they are doing for spring break. (I would recommend any of those, except for Planet Kid. They are insanely busy during spring break because the Wings Center brings their kids into Planet Kid every 30 minutes or so. So beware of crowds if you choose to visit Planet Kid this week.)

Also on the right, I have links to outdoor activities and local parks. We are going to the MK Nature Center and Municipal Park this week. Then we are having an indoor baby sale at our house on Friday and Saturday. I have mounds of clothes and toys and I need to sort and price before Friday.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break is Coming

What are your plans for spring break?  Do you have any good ideas to share?   

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


*These are pictures of the Caldwell YMCA

Our family loves to swim. Grandma has a pool in the summer, but in the winter we like to swim at the YMCA. Have you been to the Caldwell Y? They have an amazing aquatic center.

There are three different area YMCAs with aquatic centers. I don't know a lot about the pools at the Downtown Y, but I know the West Y has a kiddie pool for young kids ages 0-5 and then a bigger pool for intermediate swimmers, and a lap pool and high dive. It also has a curly slide and a hot tub. The Caldwell Y has those same things plus a "lazy river" and a splash pad which are really fun. The boy likes to call the Caldwell Y "the yellow Y". You'll see "why" if you go. Ha ha, "why."

We recommend swimming and playing at the YMCA because it's really fun and better than being bored at home. The only thing I don't like about the experience is walking in the dressing rooms with bare feet. Oh, and when grown woman, usually old, walk around naked.

See your local YMCA website here for prices, location, and operating hours. Also, check into their financial assistance program to see if you qualify. Downtown Boise, West, Caldwell, Homecourt (no aquatic center at homecourt).