Thursday, October 23, 2008

Linder Farms

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings, I had the pleasure of going to Linder Farms with the boy and his two different preschools.  To be honest, I didn't have a great time on Wednesday because it was super crowded and it felt like we were being herded like cattle.  It was also freezing cold and the wind was blowing.  On Thursday, however, we had a really fun time.  It was more organized and less crowded.  It was also a lot warmer.  My favorite experience at Linder Farms was the hay ride.  

I also liked the straw maze.

After the straw maze we walked out to the pumpkin patch (more like a gigantic field) and got a pumpkin.  The boy picked an all green pumpkin because that's what he wanted.  It actually made a cute addition to our decor.

****Highly Recommended.  A good place for preschool field trips.  (Not nearly as cool as Wagner Farms, but I guess if you've never been to Wagner Farms you wouldn't know what you're missing.)  Also, if you wondering which one to go to between the Mazie or Linder Farms, I personally think the Maize is more fun and has more to do, although it is more expensive.  If anyone has anything to add about Linder Farms or anything else, please make a comment.  They are always greatly appreciated.  Also, add yourself as a follower and make my day!


Holly said...

So how did you think the token thing worked and was it worth doing a value pack?

Amanda said...

Oh Holly that is such a great question. However, I just paid 2.50 to the preschool teacher and that included the hayride, straw maze, and one pumpklin so I really can't tell you. I'm sorry. Does anyone else know???

Tyler and Rhonda said...

Great pictures!!! I love to see what you've been up to! Keep posting, and I'll keep reading!

Amanda said...

Thanks Rhonda.