Tuesday, March 3, 2009


*These are pictures of the Caldwell YMCA

Our family loves to swim. Grandma has a pool in the summer, but in the winter we like to swim at the YMCA. Have you been to the Caldwell Y? They have an amazing aquatic center.

There are three different area YMCAs with aquatic centers. I don't know a lot about the pools at the Downtown Y, but I know the West Y has a kiddie pool for young kids ages 0-5 and then a bigger pool for intermediate swimmers, and a lap pool and high dive. It also has a curly slide and a hot tub. The Caldwell Y has those same things plus a "lazy river" and a splash pad which are really fun. The boy likes to call the Caldwell Y "the yellow Y". You'll see "why" if you go. Ha ha, "why."

We recommend swimming and playing at the YMCA because it's really fun and better than being bored at home. The only thing I don't like about the experience is walking in the dressing rooms with bare feet. Oh, and when grown woman, usually old, walk around naked.

See your local YMCA website here for prices, location, and operating hours. Also, check into their financial assistance program to see if you qualify. Downtown Boise, West, Caldwell, Homecourt (no aquatic center at homecourt).


Emi said...

Thats awesome they have the slide/etc. I had no idea. I never go out in public so these things are very exciting to me

Amanda said...

You really need to get out more. I hear Hawaii is a nice place to visit. Maybe the warm weather would do you some good.

Emi said...

The one time I did go outside in Hawaii I got lost in a Pineapple maze. I'm eating pineapples to survive over here. Thank goodness for Wifi.

Camille said...

WOW. I didn't know the Caldwell Y was so cool either. I am actually putting it on my calendar for Mar 21st to take the kids to swim there. I'm glad you posted this. :)