Friday, September 3, 2010

Glowing balloons provide family fun and cool photo op

Who doesn't love hot air balloons?  I remember one year my neighbor's uncle landed his hot air balloon right in our neighborhood park.  It was so spectacular that I ran home and grabbed my camera and by the time I got back the girl and my neighbor's uncle were in the basket and 50 feet in the air.  Now I was really glad I had my camera.

If you love looking at hot air balloons check out Boise's hot air balloon festival this weekend.  A community pancake breakfast will be held on Saturday morning at 7 am at Ann Morrison park so you can eat and watch the balloons lift off at the same time.  And don't be late because there's no point in getting there at 9.  The balloons and the pancakes will be gone.

After the morning lift off on Saturday you can return that evening at 6:30 pm for food vendors, live music, and glowing balloons.  Some say that the glowing balloons are "one of the coolest photo opportunities of all time."

If you can't make it on Saturday they will lift off again at Ann Morrison park on Sunday at 7:10 am.   Here's a link for more info on what's being called the 2010 Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.    

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