Monday, June 4, 2012

Capitol City Public Market

 Has there ever been something that you've wanted to do and it's just never worked out?  Every since I found the Capital City Market online I've been dying to check it out and blog about it.  I think I tried every Saturday last summer but something always came up.  So this summer I told the husband that I am not going another summer without checking out the Market.  And guess what?  I made it.  And it was every bit as fabulous as I had anticipated.  I loved the sense of community, the mixing of people, the way people strolled along casually checking things out instead of the traditional, rush-grab-go that you see at the grocery store.  I soaked in the goodness radiating from the organic fruits, the shine coming from vegetables,  the love pouring from the artisan breads and homemade jellies, and the fragrant smells coming from the fresh cut flowers.  I was delighted to find meat that had been fed grass instead of corn, animals that had been raised in open-ranges instead of dark-overcrowded-cages, organic eggs that traveled dozens of miles instead of hundreds of miles, chickens that weren't pumped full of antiboditics and hormones, and fresh cheeses made from Jersey cows that are Rbst free.  I found varieties of meat that I haven't been able to find anywhere else.  Things like elk, bison, buffalo, lamb, meats that are healthy alternatives to what we find at the grocery store.  I've also searched the grocery stores unable to find nitrate and nitrite free sausages and bacons, but found a vendor at the market who had many nitrite-free meats.   I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE MARKET.  Bring money, your own bags, and sunscreen.   Families are welcome, although I encourage you to go without young kids if you plan to do some real shopping.

Every Saturday morning from 9:30am to 2pm come out to the market. Park for free the first hour in any parking garage. The market is located on 8 Street from Bannock to the Grove and Idaho St between Capital Blvd and 9th street. 2012 Season Runs April 21st-December 22nd. There are vendors galore with arts and crafts, fresh farm produce, flowers, and more!  EBT cards accepted.  

Have you been to the Capitol City Public Market?  What did you like there?  What did you buy?  What is your favorite?

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birdeeb said...

I went last week, but I went to go to the circus parade... I was able to listen to the street singers and see some businesses I didn't know existed! Very cool market! I want to go back soon and actually shop it! :)