Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I can remember where I was when I first heard the word geocaching.  We were in the middle of selling our house and I was standing in the entry with our realtor who had come by to drop something off.  I asked her what her families' plans were for the weekend and she said they were going geocaching.  What the heck is geocaching? I thought.  If you are thinking the same thing, click here to watch a one minute video explanation.

I thought it sounded really fun so I mentioned it to the husband who didn't get that excited about it. "Oh that's great honey."  He says that to me a lot since I throw random ideas/thoughts/suggestions/rants at him all the time.  He's pretty good at humoring me.

That was three years ago and we finally went geocaching for the first time last month.  We borrowed a handheld GPS from the husband's father and we were on our way.  First we checked out all the caches closest to us.  We registered at  www.geocaching.com   that showed six caches just in and around our neighborhood.  We rode our bikes to them and the kids loves looking for, finding, and opening the cache.  It was like finding buried treasure.  Before we left, they packed a little Ziploc bag full of "treasure" from Wahooz.  They each took one thing out of the cache and put one of their Wahooz pieces in its place for the next person.  I signed and dated the log book with my username and afterwards reported online at www.geocaching.com on what we had found and how it went.  After the neighborhood caches, we went to the Swan Falls area to find one out there where we found one hidden in a small cave.  Tricky but fun!

*Tip:  Only go to geocaches that have current records on them.  We have spent time looking for caches that simply weren't there anymore.  They may have been there at one point in time, but for whatever reason, they were gone.  So make sure you go to the website and only go to caches that have current reports on the caches.  As a courtesy, go online yourself after you are back from geocaching and report how your search went, especially if the cache was no longer there.  You may save the next family a lot of time and disappointment.  

Give geocaching a try this year and let me know what you think.  

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