Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sandy Point Beach

If you're looking for an inexpensive way to cool down this summer, look no further than Sandy Point Beach. Located at the bottom of Lucky Peak Reservoir, this place is sure to keep you cool.

We got off to a late start today due to a morning appointment. Oh no. That's when things fall apart. My son was tired and had almost fallen asleep in the car. "I don't wanna go to Sandy Point," he kept saying. "I wanna go home." After the anticipation and the drive, we certainly weren't going home. I handed the baby over to the big girl, grabbed the boy out of the car kicking and screaming and headed for the beach. After five minutes, he stopped. From there we had an awesome time.

I sat in the water with the baby and the kids waded in the water collecting all kinds of neat rocks. They also enjoyed the buckets and shovels I brought and someone else's toy they found in the sand. The sun was really hot today and the cold water felt really good. We would have stayed longer, but I don't want to look like a lobster tomorrow.

I was surprised by how "uncrowded" it was. Have you figured out that I love things that aren't crowded? This is a really fun place. I saw older boys with rafts and kids floating on tubes and parents sitting on lawn chairs in the water reading books. There's a cool fountain that kids like to swim out to and there's lots of shade trees, picnic tables, sand volleyball courts--even concessions. And it only costs four dollars.
The only

down side to this adventure is the occasional geese dropping and a weird smell in the air.

Advice--wear swim suit and bring towels, sand toys, floats, life jackets, hats, sunscreen, water, lawn chairs or blanket, and $4 cash to get in.

Go to the Lucky Peak Reservoir link for more info and directions.

****Four out of four stars. Definitely coming here again.

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