Tuesday, August 26, 2008

What to do with the little ones?

Now that the girl is back to school, I needed to find something to do with the boy and the baby.  So I set out to find some fun places to visit.  No one wants to be at home with the laundry and dishes staring them in the face.  Get out and do something fun.  At least that's my thinking anyway.  Maybe that's why my laundry's piled up and there's never anything to eat on.

Anyway, here's what I've found.  Chucky Cheese's.  Planet Kid. Pojos.  Boondocks.  The YMCA.  Cabela's.  Story times at bookstores and libraries.  Yes, I know they are all indoors.  Haven't you noticed that it's been cooling down?

Links to most of these places are on the right.  I've also added a list of libraries for your convenience.  Check out their sites for story times.  If you know of any fun places to visit with a toddler, please share with me.  I would love some fresh ideas. 

Also, as soon as I locate my charger to my digi cam, I'll be able to upload the pictures from our last four adventures.  That's why there's been a snag to the updating of the bloggy.  Stay tune as I ask the husband to find the charger tonight.  (He's always been in charge of dishes and cords.  Oh, and Broncos and lawn care.  Me...I'm everything else.)  Now you know the real story behind the dishes. No one to blame but myself for the laundry.

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