Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Be Cool. Attend a Performing Arts Event

I love the Performing Arts and it seems like there are always great performances to be had this time of year.   I'll spare you a few minutes of your own searching and let you know what I found that is coming up for the end of September and the month of October.  All of these events were found using links from this website.  So handy, if I may say so myself.  

This list does not pretend to include everything that is going on around town, like Bronco Football games. Although there is a link for that, if you like that sort of thing.  I know the husband does and a lot of you do too.  With that said, here's what interested me.

1.  Trey McIntyre Project Premiere-- Saturday, Sept 20th at the Morrison Center 
2.  Forever Tango-- Oct 2-4 at the Morrison Center
5.  Beethoven by the Boise Philharmonic--Oct 18 at the Morrison Center
6.  BSU Orchestra Concert--Oct 19 at the Morrison Center

If there is anything that I missed that you would like to see here, please make a comment or send me an email and I'll get it on the list.  

Another Dumb Factoid About Myself--I love the Humanities so much that I wanted to major in it at Boise State.  Impossible since BSU does not offer a Humanities major.  So I dropped out and quit.  Not really.  But I was disappointed.


Eric said...

You left out the theaters in town. We've been to several shows at both of these listed and would recommend them. Also, Knock 'em Dead has a dinner option on the weekends.

Knock 'em Dead Dinner Theater

Boise Little Theater

Amanda said...

Thanks Eric. Forgot about the theaters. We've been to the Stage Coach Theatre a few times and loved it. Never been to Knock 'em Dead Dinner Theater. Sounds really fun. The four of us should go sometime. On a non-football-game day of course.

Kaylynn said...

Your blog makes me want to come to Idaho right now. So fun. Thanks for sharing.

Melonie said...

I really want to see the BYU Ballroom dance team. I tried handing the flier to my husband today and he wouldn't even touch it. He's that afraid of ballroom dancing! Oh boy... how do I convince him to take me? :)

Amanda said...

Melonie--tell your husband that it's cool to do things that his wife wants to do once in a while and that it actually INCREASES manhood when he does.
John and I saw the BYU Ballroom dance team when they came to the civic center in 2000 and he liked it. He didn't LOVE, LOVE it like I did, but he liked it more than he thought he would. He saw lots of other husbands there too so I think that helped.

Amanda said...

Kaylynn--you're welcome to come to Idaho anytime. In fact, why don't we start planning your trip to Idaho right now. You could come to our house for Thanksgiving.