Friday, September 19, 2008

How the heck do you spell theatre, I mean theater, I mean.....anyway.

So my friend Eric made a comment to my recent post (which I really appreciate by the way) and noted that I left out the theaters in town.  He probably has theaters on his brain since he runs some really cool ones.  But he's right, what was I thinking? I love going to the theater and not just the movie kind.   

The husband and I have seen a few live stage productions at the Stage Coach Theatre and really enjoyed it.  We've never been to any other stage theaters in town only because our Stage Coach tickets were freebies given to us by a friend of ours.  But this season maybe we'll break open the pocket book and try the Knock 'em Dead dinner theatre like Eric suggested.   Sounds way fun. 

The experience of a live stage production is so fun and intimate.  And the price is not more than you'd pay at a movie theater.  Especially after you add the soda and popcorn.  And depending on where you sit of course.  Check out these upcoming shows and put a little spice up your theater-going-self.

1.  Boise Little Theater
     The Mystery of Edwin Drood.  Several dates in October.  Click here.
2.  Idaho Shakespeare Company (last show til next season)
     Greater Tuna.  Thru September 27th.  Click here.
3.  Knock 'Em Dead Productions (also have dinner theatre)
     Ragtime  Oct. 3 - Nov. 8.  Click here.
4.  Praire Dog Playhouse
     Indiana Stones and the Quest for the Holy Oil.  Sept. 26 - Nov 1st.  Click here.
5.  Stage Coach Theatre
     Dark Rituals.   Several dates in October.  Click here.
Okay.  If I've left anyone out, let me know.  But don't tell me that I left out the Boise Contemporary Theatre.  Their website is a little weird so I left them off.


Laura Ann Jordan said...

great blog- im new to boise and a friend referred me to your site! let the good times, what to do when the snow comes?

Amanda said...

Laura, welcome to Boise. It's such a great place to live. So glad you're here with us. What to do when the snow comes? That's a good question that I guess we'll be faced with soon. It's been known to snow as early as Halloween. But lately our winters have been pretty mild. So I think we'll be okay for a while.

Besides finding indoor things to do, you can go to Bogus Basin and go skiing, or snow shoeing, or cross country skiing, or sledding. Mainly I just play in the snow with my kids since the drive to Bogus makes me puke. Thanks for your comment. I love comments.