Sunday, January 4, 2009

Artist for a Day

I took the girl to Artist for a Day last week and we had so much fun. Artist for a Day is a paint-your-own-pottery place. They have a lot of cute pieces to choose from. I've painted plates and mugs and vases and flower pots. The girl has painted trinket holders, hand mirrors, cats, fairies, sandals, and mugs. Not real cats, lol.

We always have a lot of fun doing this mother-daughter activity. In the past, we have tried to go as a family, but it doesn't work out so well for us because the boy is, well, a boy. He can't sit still long enough to color, let alone paint.

Useful information to know--plan on at least two hours to paint. It always takes us a long time to choose what piece we want to paint and what colors we want to paint it. And the more you paint your piece, the darker the color will be. I like to paint my piece two or three times. Bring a bottle of water and snack with you. They also have a fridge with snacks and water available for purchase. After you have painted your new little treasure, you leave it with Artist for a Day for them to glaze and fire. You can pick it up from the store after seven days. But you must come back and get it within three weeks or they will donate it to charity. (I'm sure" charity" has gotten some interesting looking pieces.)

Every Monday is Kids Day at Artist for a Day. That means that children ages 12 and under get a free studio fee with a paid adult. That's a savings of $6.00. They also have other days to save.

This month they are having a Ladies Night 2 for 1 Studio Fee for ladies 18+ after 6 pm on Wednesday nights, January 7th and 21st. Is there anybody out there who would like to join me on the 21st? It would be so fun!

Also, every Tuesday for the entire day it's 2 for 1 studio fee. Also, Date Night every Friday and Saturday after 6 pm is also 2 for 1 studio fee.

I'm beginning to wish we had gone on one of these days to save. Our bill was $33.00. Good thing the girl had some Christmas money she was willing to part with.

Business hours are Monday -Thursday noon to 9pm
Friday noon to 11pm
Saturday 11am to 11pm
Sunday 11am to 7pm

For directions on how to get there and more info go to


Camille said...

I've always wanted to do this, but I never have. thanks for the info.

Amanda said...

Cam, it would be fun to do the Ladies Night together with you and your group of friends. I'm not much of a painter and I even enjoy it.

Emi said...

BTW- we have a pick n' paint ceramics studio (same concept) at my work. It's cheaper (no studio fee, no limit on paint colors). Come on over and I'll treat!

Camille said...

Oh Amanda! Everyday I am bored and come here looking for something to do... and there is nothing new, so I go back to Artist for a day, and they are bored of me, and I am bored of them. I am bored in Idaho... :)

Amanda said...

Okay, you're right. It's time for a new post. Wouldn't want you to get bored.

Amanda said...

Ok, due to so many people wanting to come on Thursday night, I have cancelled. You know how overwhelmed I get when I'm being mauled by my blog stalkers.

(No, just kidding, I have a parenting class that night that I forgot about. But if you have a free night, go. It'll be fun.)