Friday, February 27, 2009

Basketball Games

Winter time in Idaho can be a lot of fun for some people. Some people love to snow ski and can afford it. Some people love snowmobiling and can afford it. Other people love cross country skiing and snow shoeing and don't mind that it's actually exercise.

While it's great that there are people in Idaho that are taking advantage of these fun and expensive winter sports, there are others who, well, can't afford it. Besides...............the drive up to Bogus makes my puke my guts up and I don't feel like skiing much after that.

If you are like me and would love to get involved in winter sports but don't like the cold or the cost, you have to find other things to do in the winter. Hmmm, what is there to do? One thing our family likes to do is go to BSU basketball games. There's lots of excitement and the kids love it. (Ok, I don't really go so that was a little misleading. I should have said our family with the exception of myself and the baby.) But the husband tells me it's exciting and that the kids love it.

At the last game, the girl ended up spilling her entire drink all over herself, the boy fell asleep, and the husband lost his blackberry. But hopefully that was just our bad luck and you will have a great time. Check out the BSU Men's basketball team website for game times.

This kind of excitement can also be had at local high school basketball games. See your district website for details.


Mills Ohana said...

If we lived in Boise my husband and kids would love the BSU games as much as the FSU games. I go to support the team (my family) I like to watch the fans more than the game!

Emi said...

is there a hockey team in Boise? I want to see people getting their teeth knocked out.

Kaylynn said...

Out here is California I support local sports by attending 6 baseball practices a week and we haven't even started games yet. GO SPORTS!

Camille said...

Good suggestion. I bet my kids would love the games. We never think about doing stuff like this.

Jenny ESP said...

Wow, I hate basketball, but you sold me on it.