Saturday, July 4, 2009

Meridian's most popular park

Settler's Park is Meridian's most popular park. There's a lot of amenities such as a splash pad, adventure island playground, climbing boulders, interactive sound garden, large fishing pond, ball fields, and concessions. This year they added more seating, shade umbrellas, tennis courts, and really cool horseshoe pits.

The first time we went to Settler's Park I didn't have a fun experience. There were TONS of people there and with so much for the kids to do, it was difficult to keep an eye on them. I was by myself and it seemed like everyone there was with five of their best friends. So I felt really dumb. It was also very hot and there was no shade and no place to sit.

That was last year. This year I was happy to see that they added some tables and benches and shade umbrellas. We've avoided the crowds this year by going in the morning at 11:00 am or in the evening at 8pm. And we've met friends there. It's been great.

Things to know before you go: Wear your swim suit because you're going to want to get wet. They turn the water on at 11 am. Speaking of water, do not let your kids drink the water as they play in the splash pad. Last year (or was it the year before?) it was rumored that they found crypto in the water and lots of people got sick. Keep dirty diapers and kids with diarrhea away from the water.

Also, the ground gets very hot, especially under the climbing boulders and play equipment. I would suggest they wear sandals that can get wet so they can go back and forth between the play areas and the splash pad without burning their feet. Bring an umbrella and a chair if you are going during a busy time of day. Bring money for snacks and drinks. Don't forget your camera. Have fun!

Check out this link for more information.


gina said...

I think it was the year before they had those reports, not last year.

widi said...

Useful information

Amanda said...

Gina, the older I get the more my memory suffers. Thanks for the clarification.

Widi, thank you.