Monday, July 6, 2009

Free lunch program for those who need it

Are you worried about how you're going to afford to feed your children this summer?  Have your children been receiving free or reduced lunches at their school?  Then you'll be happy to hear about the Summer Feed Program.  It's awesome. (Thanks to Smullin Family for telling us about it in her comment last month. I had never heard about it before but now we're hooked). We've been going every day for the last two weeks. What a wonderful service! Free lunches for kids are handed out at schools and local parks to help keep children from low-income families (that would be us) fed this summer. Children ages 1 to 18 are handed a free lunch and a free milk.  The program ends on July 31st, so click on the links to find your nearest location and go check it out.  **If you are not a low income family, please do not take advantage of the free summer lunch program.   It is intended for those who need it and I would hate to see this program taken away from those who really benefit from it.
Click here to see locations for Boise School District.
Click here to see locations for Meridian School District.
Also, the Idaho Food Bank is participating.


Emi said...

That's a great service. Keep the kiddies brains fed over the summer!

Carrie said...

I thought this was just for the kids on free/reduced price lunch...are they really feeding EVERYONE? Wow!

Anonymous said...

They don't turn anyone away but it is designed for reduced/free lunch students.
The program is sponsored by Federal dollars. As in tax dollars. They report statistics about how many meals were served. How much poverty is there in Idaho? It's hard to say if everyone is eating lunches primarily designed for low-income children. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

These meals are for low income families. You shouldn't be eating them if you can afford to feed your own.

Amanda said...

Great point anonymous. It shouldn't be taken advantage of because our tax dollars are paying to reimburse the meals. I should clarify that in the post. Also, the meals should be available so those that really need them can get them. At some parks they run out of meals. Yesterday we went to a different park and they were already out by the time we got there at 12:45.

Also, I know you can't tell low-income children just by looking at them. Like you probably had no idea my kids are on the reduced lunch program and these lunches have helped to spread my food stamps a little farther. It's been a wonderful service for us and we appreciate it very much.